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Cillian Flood writes...

Is there any relation between Demona and Desdemona? They seem like pretty dissimilar characters at first glance but the Shakespeare references are so prevalent throughout Gargoyles that I could easily imagine there's some subtle reason that name was chosen (aside from meaning demon).

Greg responds...

Desdemona isn't an actual name in the series. It was a script designation, same as Iago and Othello. We used these names in the scripts and the credits for reasons of clarity to those working on and viewing the series. And those names were chosen because of the parallels to the Shakespeare play Othello. So any similarity between Demona and Desdemona is purely coincidental. We obviously came up with the Demona name long before we came up with the designation for her rookery sister.

In universe, Desdemona had no name until she became a robot and was dubbed Coldfire.

Response recorded on October 27, 2016