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Hayley B writes...

I'm not sure if this interferes with rule 7, but how do you feel about fanmade characters/plots for YJ in general? Do you enjoy the creativity?

Greg responds...

I don't ever look at it. EVER.

I have mixed feelings, which I've expressed here before, about fanfic.

A part of me finds it very gratifying that people love our show so much that they want to create their own stories in that world with those characters. But another part of me is very territorial and resents the idea that other people are playing in my sandbox. (I'm NOT saying that part of me is rational or even fair, but I am trying to be honest about my feelings here.)

A third part of me is pragmatic and would recommend that any writer use their inspiration to create something original that they could own.

NONE OF WHICH is why I don't read or look at fanfiction: I don't look at it to protect myself legally from a potential lawsuit.

Response recorded on October 31, 2016