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Charisma82 writes...

Hello. How soon do you usually post about a convention you will be attending? I keep up with your "Ramblings" section on Station 8 and usually don't see a post about your conventions until a few days to a week beforehand. It's hard for me to get to a convention when I only find out about it a week before it happens. Do you post information earlier than this on twitter or somewhere else (I do know you have a twitter, but I haven't seen earlier convention posts there unless I've been missing them)? I ask because I've always wanted to attend a Gargoyles panel, and have not yet had the opportunity. If I knew a month or more in advance you were going to for sure be at a convention I would do my best to be there for a panel. I know you usually go to the ConVergence convention now, but are there any other conventions you go to regularly? I know you are VERY busy man, and that this may be asking a lot, but if it is possible, could you, in the future, put up a list of which conventions you plan on attending on Station 8 near the beginning of the year, even if that list may change as time goes by? I hope my request isn't bothersome, and if I've been completely clueless to where you've been posting more updated convention info, please call me out on it and tell me where this information is.

Thank you for your time and help, and here's hoping you have a wonderful day too.


Greg responds...

I think it's a legit request. I haven't focused on this, since I was assuming, frankly, that I wouldn't be what drew someone to a convention. So I was just posting to inform folks who might ALREADY be attending that convention to check out my panels and booth.

Also convention arrangements are often in flux, so I've tended to wait until I was sure I was going, which sometimes isn't until right before the con.

But here's what I have scheduled so far in 2017:

February 17-19: Gallifrey-One in Los Angeles. I'll only be there for one day - probably Saturday, February 18th. http://www.gallifreyone.com

May 5-7: Wizard World Minneapolis. http://wizardworld.com/comiccon/minneapolis

June 16-18: Wizard World Sacramento. http://wizardworld.com/comiccon/sacramento

That's it, so far. I'm sure there will be others, particularly if Warner Bros decides to start sending Brandon Vietti and I "on tour" to talk about Young Justice. I'll try to update as I know more. BUT - ALL OF THIS IS TENTATIVE!!! ALL OF IT!!

Response recorded on November 17, 2016