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Anonymous writes...

In Endgame, were Eduardo Dorado Jr, Tye Longshadow, Virgil Hawkins, Asami Koizumi, B'arzz O'oomm, and Blue Devil given Zeta designations to transport them to the MFD locations?

(I know that Virgil got a B-class designation when he joined the Team, but did he have an A-class before that?)


Greg responds...

Yes. Good catch.

Blue Devil was A-15.
B'arzz O'oomm was A-16.
Eduardo Dorado, Jr. was A-17.
Virgil Hawkins was A-18.
Asami Koizumi was A-19.
Tye Longshadow was A-20.

Response recorded on November 21, 2016