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GoliathFan223 writes...

Hello, Weisman. Me again. Hope you're doing well and all of your projects are successful.

I was re-watching Gargoyles again and I was watching the "Hunter's Moon" three-parter and I was curious about something about Jason Canmore:

I noticed something in Part Two, when Robyn is talking to Jason and John about Demona being able to walk around in daylight and how the siblings were debating about whether she'd "share this sorcery with the others," and Jason says, "we'd never know" if she had.

My question is, did he suspect (albeit fleetingly) that Elisa might be a gargoyle in disguise (who was able to use magic to shape-shift at will) thanks to Demona or was he just overthinking the discussion, on top of suspecting that she was hiding something in general? That's the vibe I was getting from the exchange, at least.

Thank you for your time and for answering my question (:

Greg responds...

I don't think he ever thought Elisa was a gargoyle.

Response recorded on December 22, 2016