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Jean writes...

Hello Mr. Weisman!

I, like many others on this website, am a HUGE fan of Gargoyles- caught me when I was a nine yr old and never let go. I've been binge watching the show recently, and a few questions came to mind. I searched the archives but didn't find any answers. I hope I'm staying within the guidelines. If I'm not, I sincerely apologize.

Without further ado, my questions are:

1.What sports does Elisa like? (outside of Football or Baseball that is- she briefly mentioned going to a Giants game at the end of "Awakening" pt 5, and you stated in the archives that she is a Mets fan.)

2. Is she a causal fan of sports, or a serious fan?

3. Are there any particular teams/players she likes? (outside of the Home team, that is)

Thank You!

Greg responds...

1. She likes football and baseball and basketball.

2. Casual.

3. She's a New Yorker. Take it from there.

Response recorded on January 12, 2017