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Todd Jensen writes...

This question (more a comment) is over a year late, unfortunately, but....

Last year, I bought a copy of "Darkwing Duck: the Definitely Dangerous Edition". I began reading the foreword, which I initally assumed was written by one of the big names in the "Darkwing Duck" animated series - until I got to "<cough> Gargoyles <cough>". I looked down at that point, saw your name at the bottom, and then looked at the front cover and spotted "Foreword by Greg Weisman", which I had somehow failed to notice until that point. Talk about embarrassing! But it was still neat that you got to write the foreword for it.

And I had a lot of fun spotting the various Disney references throughout the book (which was entertaining even without them, and brought back some memories). Most of the people submitting questions here would undoubtedly be drawn to a certain stone perch of Negaduck's, but I also enjoyed the cameos by Scrooge McDuck, Gyro Gearloose, and the rest (including Magica de Spell's team-up with Negaduck) - certainly logical in light of "Darkwing Duck" existing in the same universe as "Duck Tales" - and Launchpad's failed attempt to join the Rescue Rangers. And, at the end, the revelation that the mystery schemer in the final arc was the Phantom Blot - all the more startling because he's traditionally Mickey Mouse's opponent (making his role here seem almost like Lex Luthor masterminding schemes in Gotham City).

Sorry again for the late comment on it, but at least you'll still get to read it.

Greg responds...

I've been reading Darkwing lately. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that book!!!

Response recorded on January 16, 2017