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(The Guppi) writes...

[1] About how long did THE PACK air, and how large a portion of the market did it capture? Was it syndicated or affiliated or a network? And was it at the height of its popularity as of _The Thrill of the Hunt_?
[2] What was THE PACK's usual show format? The impression I got from _TTotH_ would lead me to place it in the 'mindless fighting' category. (Not that that's always a bad thing. THE A-TEAM always held a great deal of fascination for me when I was a kid, and enough people see something in POWER RANGERS [wince] and the WWF to have propelled them to the top of the ratings charts. ...The fighting in GARGOYLES is naturally quite cerebral.)
[3] What sort of commercial tie-ins do you think THE PACK might have had? Would its merchandise have rocketed in value after its stars got the boot?
[4] Lastly, was Pack Media Studios in charge of any other series or franchises?

Greg responds...

1. I don't have all that info handy here at my Disney office. But it was syndicated. And it was at the height of popularity when Fox and Wolf were arrested.

2. It was more mindless. They were the good guys. Always getting lured into traps by evil ninjas. Fighting their way out.

3. They had tons of merchandising. I think initially all that stuff would have tanked in value. By now they might be collectors items.

4. They had a lot in development.

Response recorded on February 01, 2001