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James writes...

Hey Greg,

I love Rebels, and I think you guys did a great job setting it all up in Season 1. I also really enjoyed the Kanan comic. I have a few questions about that.

1) What was your inspiration for Caleb's backstory?

2) What was the interaction with the story group like?

3) How big of a leash did they give you creation wise?

Keep up the great work!

Greg responds...

1. We all worked out that backstory together when we were figuring out the first season of Rebels. Inspiration? I'm not sure what that means in this context.

2. It was great. This was all stuff we had discussed for the most part, so I'd write up a short proposal for each arc, and that was pretty much it. Occasionally, I'd have a question for Pablo or Leland. They'd answer. Boom.

3. It wasn't really an issue of "leashes". We all agreed on the story. I'm just the one who wrote it up. I created some of the characters, and obviously did NOT create others. But it was pretty much drama-free.

Response recorded on January 20, 2017