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Anonymous writes...

Okay, I know that I already asked some questions but I thought of some
more. I don't mind if you can't answer some things. Thanks again in

1. I understand that gargoyles mate for life. If so, how would other
clans react to Goliath's relationship with Elisa? (Not counting the
Manhattan Clan).

2. If there are some humans that hate gargoyles, are there gargoyles
that hate humans (not Demona)? For instance, I assume that many humans
would ostracize Elisa for her friendship with the clan. Are there clans
that would ostracize Goliath and company becuase of their friendship?

3. You asked in the archives that we make this a kind of comment
room, too. I was watching my tape and came across "The Mirror." I just wanted to
say that I always liked this episode. As I may have mentioned before
(although you probably don't remember!) I like shows that can make me ponder the
possibilities. I loved Elisa/Goliath's last lines in "The Mirror"
becuase it was the first definite hint that there would be a relationship
between them. I'd suspected all along but I was never quite sure. When I saw
this episode I had lots to think about. Congratulations on a great effort,
even by Gargoyle standards. I guess there's no question here.

4a. Okay, I thought of something else. Why do Gargoyles treat all
hatchlings as their children, instead of a family setting?

4b. Have they always lived this way, or did they change their customs
for some reason?

5. How old was Princess Katharine when Goliath and clan were turned
to stone?

6. How old was Tom (at the same time)?

7. In "The Mirror," Puck said something about Demona "still carrying
a torch" for Goliath. I know people have asked about this before, but I
don't understand completely. What are Demona's feelings for Goliath? (I
don't mind a short answer if this is really long).

7b. Is she really aware of these feelings, or does she just deny

Okay, I guess that's enough now. I'll probably be back later.

Greg responds...

1. Clan by clan, gargoyle by gargoyle, I imagine the reactions
would differ greatly. Though it isn't hard to figure that most would
have a knee-jerk negative reaction to the romance.

2. It's hard for a clan to ostracize you from a great distance.
But yeah, I'm sure there are gargoyles out there who hate humans. They
have reason.

3. That's o.k. I appreciate the comment. "The Mirror" is one
of my all time favorite episodes as well. Everything just seemed to
come together in that one.

4a & b. It is a family setting, but it is a large communal
family. It's considered bad taste to take pride in one's biological
children specifically, since every member of the clan is responsible for
helping to raise every child. Perhaps this is the result of the high
Gargoyle mortality rate. Perhaps it's instinctive.

5. She was eighteen in 994.

6. Eight.

7. Her feelings are confused and unresolved. Goliath has some
closure (with a few loose ends). Demona does not.

7b. Denial. Big time denial.
(GDW / 3-20-98)

Response recorded on March 20, 1998