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Matthew W. writes...

Hey, Greg! With season 3 of Young Justice being announced, there's been a lot of hype. I was wondering if you've ever heard of Young Justice Amino? They're a group on an app called Amino, and they have about 1,000 members. They really helped play a part in orchestrating mass-binges. Anyway, my question is: Would you ever consider joining the community? It would be cool for the members and such.
Not to get ahead of myself, but the link to the community is here: http://aminoapps.com/c/young-justice-amino

If you would like to looks around there, feel free! See what kind of community your fans have built. :)

And, if it's okay, I'd like to give you my email... We've talked on Twitter before (not in private message, but via posts) and I thought it was cool. My email is blackopsprince666@gmail.com

Greg responds...

Nope. Never heard of it. And, I'm sorry, but it doesn't make sense for me to join a fan community while I'm working on that show. I can't risk legal exposure to fan ideas.

And I'm not going to take your email, either. I can't start contacting fans directly, using my own email. I have thousands of twitter followers. If I exchanged emails with all of them, I'd never get any work done. Plus I need some privacy.

I'm guessing this is a pretty disappointing response, and I regret that. But this is the reality.

Response recorded on February 01, 2017