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Thomas the Liberal writes...

So thrilled that the show is back. Between the Pokemon spoilers and the election results this is a nice glimmer of hope.

Okay, let's see if I can set up non-spoiler ridden questions.

1: Does the Flash Museum exist in Earth 16? Do any other heroes have museums other than perhaps the justice league's public base?

2: So how did Jay's semi retirement work? Did he not actively patrol the city like a active hero, but would react if he hears about a fire or something?

3: Did any other Society members semi-retire like Jay did?

4: Have the Kent parents ever met other Justice League members?

5: Whose the best dancer in the Justice League?

Greg responds...

1. I'm thinking no.

2. More or less. Or come out when he felt needed.

3. No spoilers.

4. Ever? Probably.

5. Snapper Carr, of course.

Response recorded on February 13, 2017