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Angel writes...

Okay, so...

One, thank you so much for all the great series you've given us. You're really great at what you do, and we all really appreciate it, so thank you for being so awesome! :)

Now, my question is pertaining to (of course) Young Justice and it have been renewed for a third season. Don't worry, I won't ask for any of those spoilers you hate oh so much.

I know there aren't many specific details out as of yet, but it's been said that the show might be brought back on Netflix. Now, there are also many fans out of America that will be willing to watch this series come out if and when if finally does come out on Netflix, and American Netflix if different than some of the other Netflixes from around the world.

For example, I am from Canada (funny, eh?) and I've checked on the YJ cartoon up there frequently. Whilst there was a period of time where only Season one of Young Justice was up on the American Netflix, both seasons were up on the Canadian one. Then, when we had a chance to get it back and every one was binge watching now both seasons on the American Netflix, the first season got taken away from the Canadian Netflix. It was eventually given back, but I think you get the point.

SO, I guess what I'm asking is that if Season three of Young Justice WAS to be put on Netflix, would it be a problem for fans not living in America?

If you don't know the answer, it's fine. Thank you for reading this anyways. Your work is awesome!

Thanks once again!

Greg responds...

We don't know where the show will end up airing yet. Not in the U.S. Not anywhere. Right now, we're just glad that Warner Bros has the confidence to make the third season.

Response recorded on February 15, 2017