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matt writes...

i have a couple comments on "Her Brother's Keeper" which i just watched...

first of all, i love the trio in the helicopter scene, one of the most fun moments in the series!

my real comment/question is about Hyena in this episode. why are she and Jackal suddenly outlaws, hunting a creature that doesn't legally exist is one thing, but all of a sudden they're stealing (or attempting to steal) the "most valuable stone on Earth", whats that about? oh, it was orders from Fox? i see, didn't Hyena just say, "I don't take orders, brother, not even from you!" then she dutifully follows Fox's orders several times in the episode. i don't get it... these two, particulary Hyena really confuse me and seem to be acting out of character at this point. later on, they escape from prison and so they're already outlaws, so why not rob a bank, but here they are good citizens, even popular citizens, why mess that up on Fox's orders, are they that loyal to her?

Greg responds...

They were never good citizens. They were mercenaries hired to portray heroes on tv.

None of what they did, including following orders when it suited their proclivities, seems out of character to me.

Response recorded on May 04, 2001