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Elizabeth M. writes...

Hi Greg, Congratulations on the Young Justice Season Three renewal!!!!! YJ got me through the worst years of my undergrad and reading the happy news made my week. I apologize if you have answered this question before; I haven't rewatched YJ in a few years and I tried combing through the archives to see if you previously answered a similar question.

My question is: do the other members of the team and the Justice League know that M'gann has become so brutal in using her powers and gaining information? Is it a case that because there has been so much going on with the Rimbor trial, the Light's machinations and the invasion that the team and JL haven't noticed? Or is it that M'gann's "ends justifies the means" mentality is the white elephant in the room that the teams (or at the very least certain members) are ignoring because M'gann is getting results? From what I can tell Conner is the only one who really understands much and often M'gann has been crossing the line, but I don't buy that people like Dick, Bruce, Red Tornado, Black Canary wouldn't have noticed or have suspicions. I can understand Dick or Bruce having suspicions and deciding to put them on the back burner in a time of crisis to deal with later, but not so much with team members like Wally, Artemis, Zatanna etc.

I can't wait to watch Season 3!!!!

Greg responds...

All this is moot, at this point, since she stopped doing that midway through Season Two. But Conner was the only one who objectively knew what was going on. I think J'onn may have suspected. But I doubt Dick or even Bruce suspected. And how in the world Wally, Artemis, Zatanna, Black Canary or Red Tornado would have had a clue is beyond me.

All that changed of course after what she did to Kaldur.

Response recorded on February 15, 2017