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Anonymous writes...

I have a question about superboy, and I'm sorry if my english is messed up, english is not my native language. I watched and readed all young justice data, and after that I couldn't help but think that superboy is too weak if we compare with the others. I mean, not in terms of power and all, but all the ex-sidekicks had their evolution in some aspects, but superboy was not that good in aspect of evolution, after all, his condition kind of prevents him to get stronger, and I think anyone who watched yj may think that way. On top of that, even wonder girl seems to be as strong as him (or almost), and has her bracelets, lasso and flight. My question is not if he will get stronger (or not) because it would be a spoiler question, but I want to know your opinion about the last superboy that was shown. Do you agree that Superboy was shown a little weak? If not, why do you think that way? i'm not asking you as a creator, but as a viewer, so please, give your opinion about it.

Greg responds...

If by "evolution" you're ONLY talking about his super-powers, than I'll just say he is what he is. He's stronger and more invulnerable than Wonder Girl. But she does have other abilities. He's had extensive martial arts training and can still leap tall buildings in a single bound (more or less). But we're not looking to power him up or over-power him.

As to him being weak: no. I don't think he's weak at all. I don't know why you'd think that.

And, of course, I do think he's evolved a TON as a character. Probably more than anyone else.

Response recorded on February 15, 2017