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Todd Jensen writes...

I was watching my tape of "The Thrill of the Hunt" some minutes ago, and found myself noticing something (which I may have caught before, but didn't think to mention before now). When Dingo's commenting at the beginning about how soft the Pack's been getting, he says that in his current condition, he wouldn't last over a week in a Central American war. I find that comment rather amusing now, because two of the Pack-members (though Jackal and Hyena, rather than Dingo himself) DO get involved in a sort-of Central American war in "The Green". I don't know if you intended a connection there or not, but I thought that I'd mention it.

Greg responds...

At that stage I didn't. No way I could have predicted "The Green" way back then. But who knows. Maybe we were tapping in again...

Response recorded on June 09, 2001