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NoOneSpecial writes...

Hey Greg. Really happy that Young Justice is back and I hope to have watched it by the time you've answered this

1.Why did Ted Kord keep the Scarab a secret from the League? If he suspected it was of alien origin, wouldn't that have warranted an inspection from the League, who may have been able to confirm this? Or maybe even place it under better guard like they did with Amazo's parts? Of course in that instance, they already knew Amazo was dangerous, but still seems like Ted would have avoided a lot of trouble for himself if he was more forthcoming with the League about the Scarab, so why did he keep it to himself?

2.How did the Light know that Ted was the one in possession of the Scarab? Did they make the connection to his hero name or his relation Dan Garret? Or did they use the same tracking technology that Kaldur was using in Darkest?

3.That's another thing. If the Light had a device to track Blue Beatle, which can I safely assume they got from the Reach, why didn't they go looking for the Scarab after the destruction of Ted's lab? Jamie spent a couple of months acting as a solo hero before he joined the team, so why didn't the Reach prioritise his capture to the Light until later? Did they not know immediately that he was off mode?

4.It's weird but ever since Happy New Year, whenever I saw Jamie talking to himself, I pretty much knew he was just talking to his armour, while the other characters are left thinking that's he's an "odd little fish". I know it was funny, but why did he never just say that the Scarab was talking to him? The only person we see him tell on screen was Superboy. I assume he may have told others at some point, but it didn't seem like it was too much effort on Jamie's part to simply explain how his Scarab worked to Superboy. Pass it around the camp, it wouldn't be long before they got the idea. So why did he didn't say to the others that he was talking to his Scarab whenever they gave him strange looks?

5.Why was Dan Garret's beetle armour different from Jamie's?

Greg responds...

If you're talking about Season Three, then, no. I'm a few months behind, but YJ S3 can't possibly be done in less than ten months from now.

1. He didn't. He kept it between himself and Dan Garrett. It hardly seemed urgent since it had been on Earth for THOUSANDS OF YEARS.

2. No Spoilers.

3. There's a long term plan here, vis-a-vis the Reach. Pretending ignorance is part of it.

4. He did eventually. You saw that. Keep in mind, he had only JUST joined the Team.

5. Why should it have been the same?

Response recorded on February 22, 2017