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Dragomir writes...

Hi Greg, in season two of Young Justice we got to see the return of Red Volcano (which was awesome, he's one of my fave villains on the show), & I know Lex was involved in his return, but how so? As much as I'd like to think the original Red Volcano had returned somehow, I assume the one we saw in season two was a copy since the first was melted in season one. How did Lex duplicate/revive Red Volcano? I don't doubt Lex is smart enough to build something like Volcano but given how identical this new Volcano was to Morrow's creation I have to wonder if Lex somehow got his hands on Morrow's blueprints/data for Volcano or if he convinced Morrow (who was bedridden last we saw him), or his assistant Brom to recreate the android for him. Thanks for your time & any answers you can provide, congrats on the revival of Young Justice! Can't keep a good show down! :D

Greg responds...

Sorry but to the extent the answers to those questions matter, they are a spoiler request.

Response recorded on February 28, 2017