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Ron writes...

Hey Greg! Before I ask my question, I simply want to give you and the whole YJ crew a bit of appreciation. The animators, writers, producers, voice actors, and anyone who worked on this show did an amazing job. I have never watched a series I have loved more than this. I thought Justice League/JLU would be my all-time favorite, but not anymore. I love the animation, the writing, the characters, the relations, and everything else. I love Wally and Artemis together, I love the idea of Blue and Impulse together (fans have convinced me haha), I love Superboy, and everything else on this show. Anyways, I have a couple questions.

1. What are your favorite episodes of Young Justice and why?
2. Some people say the time jump was a mistake. What do you think about that?

3. How excited are you to work on Young Justice again?

Best of love from me! Also, #WeLiveAgain for Gargoyles!

Greg responds...

1. I kinda like them all. I guess my single favorite is "Misplaced" because I like the numerous tonal shifts and the relatively sophisticated structure.

2. What do you think I think?

3. Very.

Response recorded on March 03, 2017