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Gray Carroll writes...

Hey Greg!
I just wanted to say thank you for your dedication to the Young Justice characters. They're a part of my family, and I know they're a part of yours.
You brought a 30 year old man to tears on announcing season 3. A 30 year old man who must have streamed YJ seasons on Netflix 20+ times and bought all the comics on the dc app.

Did you ever give up hope on season 3? I have followed you guys online and I know you said that there was hope since the show hit Netflix, but was there ever a temptation to share the stories with the fans, thinking the show would never reach season 3? In my mind, these characters and their untold stories were in you both, and they'd reach us all eventually.
It's a most beautiful comeback story.
Noting what happened with season 2, I truly hope the show is on Netflix. To have the greatest stories these characters have ever told, at the whim of sometimes fickle networks would be a little unnerving. Having said that, I do trust that you've both placed our heroes somewhere their stories will be safe.
Thank you for the heroes, thank you for the stories and thank you for never giving up

Greg responds...

1. Hope ebbed and flowed.

2. No temptation to do that. I've learned the hard way that revealing ideas minus their execution is a recipe for disaster. (Or at least mild annoyance.) Certainly, no good comes of it. Besides, there was always the chance it might come back in comic book form.

3 I haven't "placed" the show anywhere. Let's make that clear. I have absolutely ZERO control over where it airs or streams or whatever. ZERO. That's way, way, way above my paygrade. Brandon and I are making the best show we can, but that's where our control ends.

Response recorded on March 13, 2017