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Marvelman writes...

What is the difference between the squads? For example, in s02e01 Lagoon Boy is pretty anxious to be on Alpha Squad. Is Alpha Squad somehow better than Beta or Gamma Squad? If so, why? Does Alpha Squad get the best or most dangerous missions? If so, what kind of missions do Beta and Gamma get?

Greg responds...

Mostly, I'm inclined to refer you to the show. What missions did you see Alpha get across multiple episodes? What missions did you see Beta get? Or Gamma? Etc.

My guess is you saw no real difference.

But La'gaan clearly felt that Alpha was always getting the priority missions, and that the further down the Greek Alphabet you traveled the further away from what was important you were getting. Whether that was real, subtly real, or all in his head, I'll leave up to you.

Response recorded on March 22, 2017