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Adam Rhodes writes...

1. Besides Harm, Despero, Mongol, and Toyman, are there any villains that AREN'T working for the Light, either directly or indirectly?
2. Were the members of the Injustice League chosen individually by the Light, or did Vandal give Vertigo (who seemed to be in charge of IJ) leeway to choose?
3. How does the glamour charm work? For example, if Nightwing were to put on the charm that Artemis used would he have looked like undercover Tigress? Does it take appearance A and completely change it to appearance B or does it make alterations to create appearance A1? As you can tell, I've thought a lot about this.

Thanks and I love your work on Rebels and Young Justice (obviously). And I'm looking forward to reading Rain of the Ghosts!

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. It's a team effort.

3. It depends on the specifics of the spell used.

Response recorded on March 23, 2017