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Justin writes...

Greg few questions regarding the Pack.

I believe that in "Thrill of the Hunt" When Goliath can't belive that Lexington let the Pack see him Lex says
"I am not stupid, they don't know we turn to stone during the day" Am I am correct on this?

If so then why is it in "Upgrade" Hyena cackles and states. "We'll follow'em home and smash the rest where they roost" ?

Did the Coyote robot have knowledge of gargoyle sleep cycles? Obviously Xanatos is aware of them, so he could have given that knowledge to Coyote.

Or by that time had the Pack just figured it out?


Greg responds...

1. So far.

2. They had more info by that time. From Coyote.

3. Yes.

4. See above.

Response recorded on July 06, 2001