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C. writes...

Hey, YJ questions (so psyched that it's coming back! I really love your adaptation of the DCU)

1. In the universe of Earth-16 (or whatever earth it is now), do Kryptonians age at the same rate as humans? Like, are their life spans comparable?
2. Is the Martian civilization capable of intersteller travel? Could a bioship like Miss Martian's travel between star systems or are they pretty much just planet hoppers?
3. Can Kryptonians and humans produce offspring? It's sort of gone back and forth in the comics whether they're biologically compatible in that way and I'm curious about your thoughts on it (I won't ask if that WILL happen, so I hope it doesn't count as a spoiler).

Thanks so much!

Greg responds...

1. More or less.

2. The Bio-Ship isn't light speed capable. In theory, it could travel between star systems, but it would take a LONG time.

3. Answering the question at all amounts to a potential spoiler.

Response recorded on April 07, 2017