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C. writes...

Hey, I have a few questions about the upcoming new episodes of YJ that occurred to me (logistical, not going to ask you what it's about obviously).

1. How far (if at all) did you guys get into the planning/writing of S3 before production ended? Had you gotten as far as writing scripts/breaking episodes or was it just sort of general ideas?
2. Do you still plan to move forward more or less with what you came up with during the first round of production or have things sort of morphed in the intervening years?
3. You've said before that you would sort of ideally never end a series definitively (given that life rarely has complete closure, that makes sense to me on a creative level). That being said, is there a particular number of YJ seasons you have roughly planned out, if not fully plotted/outlined (Joss Whedon for instance has said that he originally planned 5-7 seasons for Firefly)?
4. If yes, what is that number (if you're willing to reveal)?

Greg responds...

1. Just general ideas. We did NOT start season three until November of 2016.

2. Both.

3. We had about five when we started. But we keep coming up with more ideas. So we probably still have about five (over and above what we've already done).

4. See above.

Response recorded on April 10, 2017