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Zergrinch writes...

I am aware that the scene was played mostly for comedy, but, I figure maybe there's a good explanation!

In one of the Season 2 episodes of Young Justice, Captain Cold tried to rob an armored bank vehicle. He froze up the whole place, and then proceeded to bust out the world's smallest ice pick. Whereupon the heroines holding a bridal shower attacked the poor doomed man.

So my question is, did he think this through? It would surely take him quite a long time to chip through the ice to get at a the good stuff. Did he truly believe there would be no response from police or superheroes in the interim?

I suppose "he's not the brightest bulb in the room" might be a possible response, but I'd like to think that someone who can create cryogenic ray guns definitely has a lot of smarts...

Thank you!

Greg responds...

Actually, I think he had it planned so that one little strike with his tiny hammer in the exact right spot would do the trick. At least that's what we were assuming.

Response recorded on May 01, 2017