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Ben writes...

As a geography nerd, I'm curious about where things are on Earth-16 and why. So:

1. Why did you choose Connecticut as opposed to New Jersey (which is, from what I've noticed, the usual-setting for Gotham City)? Any particular reason?
2. What state is Star City located in?
3. What state is Metropolis located in?
4. What state is Fawcett City located in?
5. What state is Dakota City located in?

Thank you for your time, and I'm SO excited for Season Three! :)

Greg responds...

1. Is that what we chose?

2. California.

3. Well, I would have said New York State for both Metropolis and Gotham, but maybe my memory is foggy.

4. I don't think we got specific, but I'm gonna posit Minnesota.

5. Ditto, but I'll posit Michigan.

Response recorded on May 01, 2017