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Ian writes...

First, I adore Young Justice with a passion, and I'm beyond ecstatic about Season 3! I have a few questions I'd like to ask, if you don't mind answering.

1. As of "Image," back in Season 1, how old are Rita Farr and Paul Sloane?
2. Did either Rita and/or Paul keep in contact with Marie after 'Hello, Megan' ended?
3. Did you have a name picked out for Rita's character? If so, what was it?
4. Did either Rita and/or Paul hear about Marie's death? If so, did they attend her funeral (assuming she had one)?
5. After Queen Bee left M'gann at the end of Images, did M'gann clean Garfield's mind of her influence or does it wear off eventually?

Thank you ahead of time!

Greg responds...

1. Rita Farr was born in 1964. Paul Sloane was born in 1959. I'll let you do the math. My brain doesn't want to work this morning.

2. No spoilers.

3. Rita.

4. No spoilers.

5. Both.

Response recorded on May 04, 2017