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Gray Walker writes...

Hello! Just a few questions regarding the Block Buster and it's successor Kobra-Venom in Young Justice
The Kobra-Venom was interesting in the fact that they used it on several species. Various animals, plants and humans. Are there organic species that it can't be used on, and are there different events dependent on species?
Does Block Buster still retain any of his previous intellect or has his transformation rendered him less intelligent?
Are Mammoth and Blockbuster capable of speech?
and finally
Are the areas exposed muscle on the Kobra-Venom subjects more vulnerable than the rest of their bodies?

Greg responds...

1. What you saw is all we know.

2. He seems less intelligent to me.

3. Blockbuster doesn't seem to be. But maybe he doesn't have much to say. Mammoth never spoke BEFORE the transformation, so it's unclear.

4. They don't seem to be.

Response recorded on May 08, 2017