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Overseas fan writes...

Hello Mr Weisman!

I have to say, I loved your work before I even knew it was yours. I remember being bedridden with chicken pox, and obsessing over witch so much that if it wasn't on Jetix at that particular time slot I'd make my dad rent the dvds and watched those to death. It was probably the only thing that captivated my attention enough to stop me from itching myself!

Later on, when I was in Secondary school, spectacular Spider-Man started airing, and me and my brother and my dad would stop everything to go and watch it. 5:00 pm is the perfect timeslot really XD

In my final year of secondary school, during my gcses, young justice started airing. At first I only saw snippets when my brother watched it. I, uh, I didn't rate it at the time. But I was SO wrong. Me, my brother and my dad were off school two weeks earlier than my sisters and my mum, and instead of doing the chores we were supposed to we marathoned both seasons. It's ADDICTIVE as heck!

WITCH, Young Justice and Spectacular Spider-Man were all aired in the UK without much fuss, apparently not the case in the US.

And I'd just like to thank you so much for creating something that my family could bond over. And I am HYPED for the third season.

I know that you've said that the show is in pre pre production, but is there any sort of talk about an international release? Even if it's an overhead snippet, ANYTHING at all to allay my worries would be great.

Thanks so much, keep well!

Greg responds...

I'm sorry. I don't have any info on that. But I imagine it'll eventually be available.

Response recorded on May 22, 2017