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M writes...

You once said that M'gann Is not close to any of her siblings.
1)not even with her white brother?
2)that means that she doesn't love them or miss them At all? Does she miss her parents?
3)Did her siblings (or her mother) ever rejected her or they respect each other because they are family?
4)Does her family knows about her status of hero on earth? Are they proud of Her?

Greg responds...

Did I say that? I mean, did I say that exactly? Or are you paraphrasing? In any case, everything's relative (pun intended).

1. She is relatively close to him.

2. It doesn't mean that. She loves her siblings - all of them, and her parents. She misses them (or most of them) too. But she feels her life is on Earth. Also, don't assume she hasn't been back to Mars.

3. No spoilers.

4. Yes.

4a. Responses vary, but most are proud of her.

Response recorded on May 25, 2017