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Lexi B. writes...

Hey Greg! I can't believe YJ has been approved for another season, I've kept your twitter tab in my phone through those years just to make sure I never missed the announcement! Anyway, thank you for developing Ask Greg because I have some questions about YJ, if you would please answer.
1). Why did you and the other writers for YJ decide to jump ahead to YJ:Invasion?
2). When developing the characters for YJ: Invasion, did you guys ever keep the stories that they went through just in case you would get a chance to say what happened or did you never plan on saying what happened in between the two seasons?
3). Did you amazing writers know immediately upon planning for YJ that something as big as what happened in the no of season 2 would happen or did you guys go through a bunch of different possible endings for the season finale?
4.) When you look back, is there a character that you wish you would've added into maybe the Team or into the plot in general in seasons 1&2 that you didn't?
5). More of a statement, but thank you so much. Your dedication to these stories that you've seen told and created is inspiring. You've produced my favorite childhood shows and for that I can never thank you or tell you how much that means to me enough. I hope your future endeavors are plentiful and please now that there are fans out here that you helped shape their childhood. Yet again, thank you, have an amazing day (or night) whenever you read this!

Greg responds...

1. As opposed to...?

If I get what you mean, you're asking why we did the time jump? If so, this has been answered before, so I'd check the ASK GREG archives for a more detailed answer, but the short answer is that for a show about growing up, it allowed us to grow the characters up. Plus intro some new faces.

2. We largely did say what happened between the two seasons. Not comprehensively, of course. But everything that truly mattered to the telling of Season Two. We have more stories in mind for the gap - that we do hope to cover eventually, maybe in a new companion comic, if that ever gets approved.

3. "in the no of season 2"? I'm sorry, I'm assuming there's a typo there or something, but I don't understand what that means. But we had the basic ending for Season Two in mind from the beginning. We don't really wing it on this series at all.

4. I can't do that. What ifs abound, I suppose. But I'm happy with how everything turned out. I do wish we had more screen time for nearly every character, but we get what we get.

5. Thank YOU!

Response recorded on July 05, 2017