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King_Joey writes...

Dear Mr. Weisman,

I have some questions about Aquaman and the other Atlanteans of Young Justice.

I've read your previous responses to questions about Atlantean powers and you stated that Auqaman was "way stronger than your average Atlantean" and placed him in your GENERAL ranking of the Justice League by strength on the same level as Captain Atom and Martian Manhuner. You later stated that "off the top of your head" he was IN GENERAL stronger than Martian Manhuner and then, later still, that Martian Manhunter cannot lift a semi-truck but could "probably" lift a small car.

Again, as an avid reader of your site and SUPER FAN of your work I know you HATE to strength comparison questions and being asked to specify strength things. That is why I won't ask you for specifics or to compare, but it seems that, from what I've seen of your previous responses, that eventhou you don't keep weight limit SPECIFISCS in your mind, you do have a GENERAL idea of what the characters you write can lift. I won't ask for a list or anything I just want to know:

1. Can Aquaman lift a tank or semi-truck, or is he closer to small car? Maybe a pick-up truck?

I'm asking this question because you've said that your Young Justice characters of Universe-16 were back to their "original" power levels and I have read comics wherein Auqaman has thrown a tank at The Fisherman. I've also read older comics wherein he was basically the "Superboy" of the Justice League as far as strength and invulnerablity. Just looking for clarity.😀

2. While Auqagirl and Tempest were on the team did you they use a device to allow them to carry around water like Auqalad's waterbear "backpack sheeth" or was their level of scorcery and magic skill great enough that they didn't need anything?

3. Could they magically summon water to them for their spells or am I wrong in assuming that their or all Atlantean magic requires water?

I played Young Justice: Legacy and the Tempest DLC didn't seem to have any type of water apparatus. I'm asking you because you've stated that not ALL of the game was cannon.

4. In Uiverse-16 is Aquaman's super atlantean skin stronger enough to make him bulletproof or just bullet resistant?

5.This last question is about Wonder Woman. On the Young Justice website it lists invulnerability as one of her powers. I've always wondered, if she's invulnerable, why block bullets with her bracelets? Doesn't invulnerable and bulletproof go hand in hand? I mean, she can go "toe to toe" with super strong opponents like Devastation, but if someone shoots her in the head she dies? What's the deal? Any in universe explanation?

Those last three questions under number five are rhetorical.😮

Greg responds...

1. I'm thinking a small car. But clearly my opinion is somewhat changeable. I would think that Captain Atom is potentially stronger than Aquaman. And if I said something different earlier, that's not how I feel now.

2. No spoilers.

3. It doesn't all require water.

4. Resistant.

5. I'm not sure what website you're referring to, but I have never thought of Wonder Woman as invulnerable for the exact reason you state: why bother with the bracelets, if the bullets would bounce off anyway?

Response recorded on August 08, 2017