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A Margot Yale Hater writes...

Hello Mr. Weisman, here are some 3 Questions I Have about Margot Yale, the Only Character from 'Gargoyles' that I Honestly Really Don't like, only Because I think she's Mean! (No offense) And For the 3rd Question, I know you Don't like 'The Goliath Chronicles' season, and if it makes you feel better I Don't like it Either, only because I find the Constant Hatred the Gargoyles have to face upsetting, but it's just a Small comparison question if you don't mind and you don't have to give a big answer to it if you don't want to

1. If Margot Yale Hates the Gargoyles So Much, Why doesn't she Want them Exterminated at once like the Quarrymen and Every one with their point of view does, Or Why doesn't she join the Quarrymen?

2. Does Margot have an opinion about the Quarrymen?

3. Would you say that Margot's Anti Gargoyle behavior in the 'Goliath Chronicles' as seen in the episodes 'The Journey', 'Justice for all', and 'Angels in the night', would be No different than in the 'Gargoyles' Comics?

Greg responds...

1. I don't think she perceives her feelings as hate. More like fear. Like she'd fear a bear that was running loose in Manhattan. If the bear can be tranquilized and sent to a zoo, fine.

2. I don't think she's in favor of any vigilante group.

3. I've only ever seen the last twelve episodes of the Goliath Chronicles once each, and that was over twenty years ago. I don't remember them well enough to respond. As for "The Journey," I adapted my version of that into the comics, and consider the comics version canon, as opposed to the television episode. So I can only say the Margot Yale in the comics is the version I prefer.

Response recorded on August 28, 2017