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JSA Fan writes...

Dear Greg,

You've said recently-ish that your take on time travel is a multiverse-level hypertime-like theory most similar from what I can tell to that of Dragonball Z, where going back in time creates another universe...I have been wondering about this since the end of Invasion, because of the end of Bloodlines. I wrote a history for the original timeline that led from the death of Barry to the events at the beginning of that episode, because I figured it was simply a new timeline in the same universe, Earth-16's. Is Impulse not from Earth-16? If not, why did the timeline change in forty years, after he left?

Greg responds...

Well, I've got no familiarity at all with Dragonball Z, so I can't comment on that.

And to be clear, the rules we used in YJ are not my preferred rules of time travel. For those, see GARGOYLES.

But the YJ rules were based off the best I could manage to codify off of the DC Universe's rules.

Earth-16 had a history that Impulse thwarted. You can view his original history as Earth-16a, I suppose. Or you could just mark it up as GONE.

Response recorded on September 18, 2017