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Faieq Ali writes...

This question has been eating away at me for two years. I can't find an answer to it. So I decided to come and ask the man who helped produce the gargoyles themselves.

What happens to the pieces of stone skin that the gargoyles shed at sunset?. Something has to happen to it or else it would pile up on the battlements of the castle or fall on the streets below. In one episode , I can't remember it's name, the stone skin falls on top of a man who was walking under the clocktower. In 'The Price', Hudson escapes with the aid of his stone skin. So what does happen to the stone casing of a gargoyle, do they store it in the basement for some strange use? Do they eat it? Does it get absorbed by the ground? What's the answer, I need to know!!!

Greg responds...

They sweep it up and toss it in the dust bin.

Response recorded on June 14, 2000