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Todd Jensen writes...

The thing that most intrigues me about "Gargoyles 2158" is the element of what gargoyle/human relations would be like in that period. In the present day, of course, the big problem for gargoyle/human relations will be that the bulk of humanity believe gargoyles to be simply wild beasts or demons rather than sentient beings, and so hunt them down. But you've indicated that by 2158, gargoyles are now realized to be sentient, have become tolerated (though not altogether accepted), and now have a "Protected Minority" status. With that in mind, I'd like to ask a few questions about life for gargoyles in 2158 (if the answers vary for individual clans, please pick the one that matches life for the Manhattan clan in 2158):

1. In 2158, are gargoyle clans subject to human laws, or are they still self-governing?

2. Do they hold human citizenship, with the rights and duties that come with it (i.e., voting rights, paying taxes, jury duty, etc.)?

3. What sort of relationship in general do the gargoyles have with the police in terms of their patrolling their protectorate? As in, how do the authorities look upon the gargoyles' protection work against criminals, on the whole?

4. Are gargoyle hatchlings still taught by the adult members of the clan, or do they have to go to human schools?

Greg responds...

1. Both.
2. Some of the above, not all.
3. It is sometimes a source of conflict. Though not everywhere.
4. Human schools aren't practical, as most human children go to school during the day.

Response recorded on July 10, 2000