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Samson P. writes...

I'm a very big fan of your work, and am extremely excited about the third season of YJ. Here are my questions:

1) Was Atlantis "discovered" recently on Earth-16? Like, was Aquaman's aiding in the Appelaxion invasion what brought attention to the underwater nation or was it well-known beforehand?

2) Was Aquaman raised as Arthur Curry on the surface world or was he raised in Atlantis as the prince from the start?

3) Does Queen Mera ever work alongside the League in battles and such? It always confused me that she never appears to be associated with the League despite having (in my opinion, of course) way better powers than her husband.

4) Regarding the Wildstorm character you snuck into the first season somewhere, how old was he/she when he/she appeared?

5) Did the Team (or at least some of the Team, not including Conner and M'Gann, and potentially not including Karen and/or Mal) attend Conner and M'Gann's graduation from Happy Harbor High School?

Thank you for your time, and I hope you're having an awesome day.

Greg responds...

1. There's a story in that, so... No Spoilers.

2. No Spoilers.

3. I'll just say that not everyone is as eager to come to the surface world. But by using the word "ever," you've automatically generated a No Spoilers.

4. Did you really think I'd answer this?

5. No Spoilers.

Response recorded on November 06, 2017