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Julian Sagan writes...

Hey Greg, congrats on Young Justice Season 3. I have a few quick questions on Spectacular Spider-Man.

1) Peter in the comics is generally considered to be 5'10". Your Peter said he was 5'6". Was the idea to eventually grow him to 5'10" or keep him the same? Sorry if this goes into spoiler territory.

2) Unlike Batman and Superman, Spidey's archenemy is a bit more debatable. Most will point to either GG Doc Ock or Venom but it partly depends on the writer's preference, the era and the continuity. I was surprised by how much equal dedication you guys gave to the Big Three; I feel most Spider-Man writers are somewhat biased to one or the other. So I'm curious, would you say YOUR version of Spidey had an archenemy in the show or did you see all three of them as equals? My instincts tell me it's Norman after Final Curtain but I'd like to hear it straight from the horse's mouth.

Thank you and best regards,


Greg responds...

1. He might have gotten a bit taller. He was only 16 in the show. But I never figure Spider-Man to be tall or brawny. Seems out of step with his character and archetype. And 5'10" seems like a tall man to me. Of course, I'm only 5'7", so perhaps I'm biased.

2. My gut is to say Gobby. But it's not like the others are pieces of cake. I just think it's more personal with Peter when it comes to Norman.

Response recorded on December 15, 2017