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Lyla writes...

I genuinely hope the age difference is not a legitimate concern you have for Jaime and Bart's relationship. While yes, it can trigger an onset of issues for some people, plenty of couples receive copious amounts of support regardless of their gaps. (Sokka and Toph of Avatar: The Last Airbender as well as Katara and Aang, who happened to be 16 and 12 years old!) The self-internalized homophobic ones are mainly the belittlers of their relationship. I'm aware it's not a guarantee that you'll incorporate the ship into the show, but by the chances that you do, please do not let the age factor be a variable in your decision. I trust you'll develop them wonderfully since you've done so in the past.

Greg responds...

I've written and rewritten this response over and over. It feels like nearly ANYTHING I might say would act as a SPOILER.

So, I want to be clear that I'm NOT talking about Bart and Jaime.

Three years is an insignificant age gap if you're, say 26 and 23.

But I don't agree that it's insignificant when you're 16 and 13. I think it's very significant. I would not have allowed my kids (one boy and one girl) to date sixteen-year-olds when they were thirteen. (Not that it ever came up.)

Doesn't mean a relationship couldn't happen, but there would be repercussions with regard to that age gap. Of course, I've never had a problem dealing with repercussions in the series I've worked on.

Response recorded on December 21, 2017