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Anonymous writes...

In regards to "Young Justice: Legacy," why was it decided that it would be a video game, as opposed to an animated film...?

Greg responds...

Where did this notion of it being an animated film come from?

WB was approached by Little Orbit, who wanted to make a YJ video game. So Brandon and I worked with Little Orbit to make the game as significant and substantial and as true to the series as possible.

No one ever approached us and said "Make a YJ movie," let alone approached us and said, "Would you rather make a movie or a video game?"

And while I'm at it, let me dispel another myth about the game. Folks - including folks I respect - have speculated that the delays in the game caused it to come out after season two, when they thought it was clearly designed to come out between the first two seasons, simply because it was SET between the first two seasons. This is flat-out not true. It was designed to fill in blanks. But we never would have approved the story in Legacy if we thought for a moment it might come out before ALL of season two had aired. It would have messed up nearly all of our mysteries and reveals.

The game was delayed, coming out far later after season two than we would have hoped. But it was NEVER supposed to come out before Season Two. Never.

Response recorded on March 06, 2019