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Durkmenistan writes...

1) What gender (if any) does Ultra-Humanite identify as?
2) Can M. Mallah or Ultra-Humanite speak? If so, can they speak any human languages?
3) Of the non-human Genomorphs, how many of the different breeds constitute different species?
4) Can any non-human Genomorphs reproduce via "natural" means?

Greg responds...

1. Generally, male. But he feels fluid.

2. If you are asking whether they can use their ape vocal chords to speak human languages, the answer is no.

3. Not sure what you mean. We have G-Trolls, G-Sprites, G-Dwarves, G-Elves, G-Gnomes, and at least one G-Goblin.

4. No spoilers.

Response recorded on October 23, 2020