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Pyro X writes...

I am a little confused on Gargoyle Generations... let's see if this is correct.
Hudson - Gen 1

Goliath/Demona Gen 2

Trio/Bronx Gen 3--|
| |- from same gen, but different hatching
Angela Gen 3------|

Samson (Is that his name?) Gen 4

1) Is this basically a correct assumption?
2) Does a Gargoyle ALWAYS find a mate in his hatching? IE) did all the Avalon Gargoyles pair off?
3) If the above is not true, then, would a Garoyle look to the next hatching, or would they be too young?

Greg responds...

1. No, not at all.

2. Not necessarily.

3. It depends when he or she is looking. Yama and Sora are from different generations. But they didn't get together when she was a kid.

Response recorded on March 13, 2001