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CuriousKorean writes...

Dear Mr. Greg Weisman,

though I am no longer in Korea I am homesick for my old country and I cherish its old stories and old folk tales. Rhelasia is in YJ but it is not the same because, I feel it is a stand-in for modern Korea, not Korea's past. So far anyways. I am sorry if my personal interpretation is offending you in any way.

the gargoyles wiki and the Pukhan Clan (we now would say Bukhan) archives I read carefully first. It appearing that nobody has to have asked about the Korean clan of gargoyles in more than 6 years.

The specific Korean legends that Mr. Frank Paur told you are not specified. Very few details are given. I do not know what part of my ancestoral mythology is being involved. I have questions about how the Korean clan and its relationships to Korean history and modern Korea happened but I don't ask for them to be asked now.

Please, I am curious to know what Korean legends exactly were related to you by Mr. Paur. Can you at least give us the gist or the theme of the story, or the legendary punchline? Many of the old stories are moral fables.

Or give any information about the Korean clan you feel like sharing, what makes their culture different with regards to other gargoyle cultures.

It is OK if you do not want to share anything. I have one more question but i will make it a separate post in case I break any of the rules by mistake.

My best regards to you and your great work.