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matt writes...

i was wondering, how particular are gargoyles about their roosting spots? Goliath always has the same spot at the top tower of Wyvern, which i assume Hudson (Mentor) had before him, Demona (Goliath's second) had the roost directly in front of and beneath Goliath's, and when Goliath put the frozen clan on their roost he left Demona's empty. so do gargoyles have certain roosting spots? if so, why was some other gargoyle roosting in Demona's spot the night of the massacre? do only the ranking and prominent gargoyles have the same daily roost? are these roosts determined by elevation or what?

Greg responds...


They tend to take the same spot and often strike the same pose.

But they aren't anal about it.

Response recorded on May 04, 2001