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Anonymous writes...

Sorry, I have a few more questions...

1) What would have prompted Queen Mab to return?

2) Is Vinnie's last name Barbarino or Gregarino? I've heard both

3) Was the spell on Goliath (from "Temptation") removed, or
circumvented? If it was only circumvented, could it be activated again somehow?

Greg responds...

1) Escape.
2) Vinnie Barbarino is a character from "WELCOME BACK, KOTTER."
Gregarino is a joke name I came up with. At the moment, Vinnie has no
official last name, though I might go with Gregarino if I couldn't
come up with something I liked better.
3) It was circumvented, which means that it could in theory be
reactivated. But not easily. (GDW / 2-23-98)

Response recorded on February 23, 1998