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Anonymous writes...

Hello, Mr. Weisman. Thank you again for this opportunity.

Before I begin with my questions, I'd just like to mention that
I saw the episode of MiB you'd written, and I thought it was quite good,
definitely one of the better episodes so far. Now, on to the questions...

1) What is Brendan's last name?

2) What is Taro's full name?

3) What is the name of Nokkar's alien race?

4) Is there a 'official' name for Xanatos's lightweight exoframe
(the one in

"Eye Of The Beholder" and "Double Jeopardy")?

5) After 'TimeDancer,' what would've been done with the Phoenix

6) What are the names of some of the other alien races involved
in Nokkar's people's war with the SpaceSpawn?

7) In the Gargoyles universe, who created the Phoenix Gate?

8) What was the intergalactic war begun over?

9) Are Boudicca and Bronx related?

10) Would we have possibly seen the Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot, or
the like in the series?

11) Would New Olympus be known to the human world in 2158?

12) In the Gargoyles universe, who created the Cauldron of Life?

13) In the Gargoyles universe, who created the Eye of Odin?

14) During TimeDancer, would there have been journeys to
prehistoric times, or the future beyond 2158?

15) After TimeDancer, would Brooklyn and family have stayed in
New York with the Manhattan Clan?

Well, I think that's already enough. Thanks again!

Greg responds...

1. I don't know yet.

2. Ditto.

3. Double ditto.

4. Lightweight Exo-frame?

5. Eventually it would have started its journey from scratch --
part of an unending loop.

6. Don't know yet.

7. I did.

8. Don't know yet.

9. They may be distant cousins.

10. Yeti for sure. The others... eventually, probably.

11. Yes.

12. Michael Reaves, I think.

13. Patrick Gilmore, then of Disney Interactive, I think. (I
know, I know, I'm being a smartass. It's Odin's eye. His parents, I

14. Not the future beyond 2158. But sure, we'd have to do some
dinosaur action.

15. Yep. (GDW / 2-23-98)

Response recorded on February 23, 1998