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*The Bride of Ringo* writes...

Oops.. I thought of another one.. hee hee ;-)

Ok... now, we know that in 994, the Wyvern Clan was almost completely wiped out (with the exception of Goliath, Demona, etc.), and you said that Demona lead a clan of stragglers from other broken Scotish clans. I also remember someone asking 'Approximately how many gargoyles are alive today?" and you said about 400 and there are gargoyles all over the world. Ok.. now for the actual question, if there are gargoyles all over the world in the past as well as the present, what happened to them? We know the Wyvern clan was destroyed, but that doesn't really explain what happened to the gargoyles in another part of the world. Was there like a disease that occured that swept over all the world that decimated their race (sort of like the plauge did in Europe to humans)? Or were most of the clans at one point betrayed the way the Wyvern clan was, or some other reason?

Greg responds...

Most were destroyed by humans.