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Catwoman writes...

It is me again. What was the name of the Captian of the guard of Castle Wyvern, and why was he more kind and respectful to the Gargoyles than everyone else? It seemed as though he was closer to them than the humans.

Greg responds...

I think by now the Captain's first name is fairly obvious to anyone who has read the old archives. But because that may still be a mystery to a few people here's a


The Captain's first name is Robbie. And he was the peasant and childhood friend of Prince Malcolm.

(By the way, Robbie was my original name for Tom a.k.a. the Guardian. Michael Reaves changed the name to Tom in his script for Awakening, Part One. I never knew why. But that's why I decided to use the name for the Captain in my unfinished "fan fiction" A TALE OF THREE BROTHERS, or whatever it was called.)

Robbie had a tough young life spent mostly in service to the upper class. His reward was ridicule -- generally over his gargoylesque appearance. He identified with Goliath and the Gargoyles.

Response recorded on February 02, 2000